Jk dead peDals

Our adjustable foot rest is designed for use in 2007 to 2015 JK's with automatic transmissions.  The pedal gives the driver a place to rest your leg on extended road trips. It works really well and is easily adjustable with two wing nuts.

The foot rest can be installed in minutes.

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Jk-8 pick up COnversion kit

The Jeep JK-8 Jk conversion was co developed By Truck Master Designs and MOPAR. Truck Master manufactured the half top and blockout panel for MOPAR. To date over 550 units were sold world wide. The first total custom versions the Red Jacket edition was introduced at the 2011 Sema Show and was also featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. This was a spectacular build customized by Motor City Rod Shop MVS for Venchurs Inc.

JK Cabin air intake Scoops

Cabin Air Intake Scoop designed for JK Jeep Wranglers 2007-2015. This scoop is both stylish and functional, increasing the air flow into the cab air vents. Made with high impact ABS plastic with the look of Hi gloss dark brushed aluminum look, Satin brushed  aluminum look or  smooth paint to match. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW.

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Before Mounting Drip rail extensions.

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New 2018 -2020 JL, JT extensions

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AFTER mounting extensions.

New Version of JK functional JK cowl induction hood.

The Drip rail extensions on the Red JK are the paint to match version. They can be easily painted to match your Jeep with a spray can.

MOPAR Custom Show Jeeps with TMD OFF Road Hood.

Truck master         designs

JL JT and JK drip Rail Extensions

HOT PRODUCT!!  Our patented Drip Rail Extensions for the new  2018- 2020 JL's, JT Gladiators  and JK  2007-2018 Jeep JK Wranglers with a hard top. The Drip Rail Extensions eliminates the annoying rain water that drains from the gutters on the factory freedom panels and from the seam where the panels meet the windshield frame. The extensions attaches to the windshield frame with 3M automotive two sided tape and directs the water flow forward and outward so it exits at the base of the windshield frame instead of pouring down on the driver or the passenger when the door is opened. They also redirect the water from running into the passenger compartment. They are available in a Smooth Customer Paint to Match or smooth Satin Black and Gloss Black with UV film protection. Customers also use them with soft tops.

The drip rail extensions will work with the Best top Sunrider and factory soft tops.

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Truck Master Designs  Jk trailer   

 Features are the following.

*All aluminum chassis and sub structure. Aluminum interior bed panels 5’5” inside bed *length, 53” bed width 49” tailgate width.

*Axeless independent suspension system. This allow for maxim off road clearance.

*Original equipment fender flares and rear bumper and taillights.

*Color matched factory colors.

*Hand laid fiberglass body panels.

*Trailer is the same width as your JK so where ever you can take your Jeep the trailer will


* Standard ride height or 4” lifted version


 Options are soft or hard Tonneau covers.

We are interested in getting feedback from potential customers on this product. Our concept is to manufacture this trailer for dual purpose usage. We are going to make it to serve as a camper and utility hauler. The camper unit would detach and could be lifted out of the trailer body so that the trailer could be used as a utility trailer. The trailer will have a 2500 lb GVW. The trailer inside bed dimension are 5'5'  long and 55" wide about the same as a mid size short bed pick up truck  The price range we are anticipating is approximately $ $7,500.00

Please don't hesitate to send your input. Thank You.   Email  truckmasterdesigns@outlook.com

Three of the pictures shown are of the 3" lifted version of the trailer. The top right is the standard height.

fully functional Jk cowl hoods

JK Cowl Induction Hoods with side vents Our cowl induction hood is not only stylish but fully functional. Made from a special blend of high impact polycarbonate plastic and is extremely durable. The material is formed at very high temperatures. 300 plus degrees. The hood is a clamshell design with a full internal structure. The same material is used on commercial buses and is also used on over the road commercial trucks.


The hood is designed to direct in outside ambient temp air from the rear of the cowl through a sealed internal duct system and delivers the cooler outside ambient air directly to the air box.


The Side Vents exhaust the under hood heat that builds up toward the rear of the engine compartment. This is the most efficient location for the vents. When the vehicle is being driven the air passing by the vents and helps pull the hot air from the engine compartment by creating a vacuum. We also designed the hood to be functional and not let water or debris get into the engine compartment.


Due to the nature of the material that the hood is made from paint bonds to the plastic better than metal or fiberglass.


We have customers in the extreme temperature areas such as Dubai, Australia, Alaska, Arizona, Minnesota, and Canada who have never had a problem with the durability of the hood

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